Samuel  Temple.
b.1996. Currently living in Glasgow.
The first time I was given a roll of film I ran around the audience of my brother's nativity play. Capturing (blurry) images of feet, the lights on the ceiling and one (in focus) image of someone's bum. At 5 years old, that’s about eye level. It was a while until I was entrusted with another roll of film, but the fascination with photography continued. The fascination with bums developed later.
I left the managerial route I was on when I was accepted into the Glasgow School of art. Since then I have developed my own 'artistic practice' working on large scale installation's, writing and photography. 
In 2018 I started WE DO ODD, which is a combination of my 'professional work' but at it's core is a platform for myself and other wonderful creatives to work together. 

My partner and I have recently opened up out own wellness, arts and events venue in the centre of Glasgow. Where I manage lil things and PR things and anything photographic. Head over to to find out more. 

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